Monday, 26 October 2015

Rating of PSU’s on accessibility and employment index

Rating PSUs on the accessibility index is a good idea. The index will also assess companies on sensitisation of peers towards persons with disabilities, providing products such as computers and mouse for use, provision of facilities like toilets and percentage distribution in employment of physically and mentally challenged persons. A new index will rate companies across public and private sectors for disabled -friendly initiatives. These initiatives and programs are need of time and will indeed aimed at making India more disabled friendly.  High scored corporates can be seen as a socially responsible player in the corporate world.
As government services have been outsourced to private agencies, these must be also being covered under the law for physically challenged people. The proposed law entitles persons with at least 40 per cent disability to benefits such as reservations in education, employment and preference in government schemes. Although it’s commendable initiative and we will wait to watch the final announcement by Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi on Dec. 3, 2015 on the launch of “Accessible India Campaign”.

Dharmendra Kumar, 
Founder & Chairman, 
People First Foundation

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